Telling Our Story in a Local Magazine

The August 2016 issue of “The Good Life,” a magazine local to North Central Washington state, contains a 3-page article written by me (Rebecca Duvall), describing how Kari and I got started writing musicals.  The title is “Hey, let’s write a musical,” subtitled “2 Sisters Take on the Best (Hardest, Most Expensive, Most Exhilarating, Most Fulfilling) Hobby in the World.”  The publisher included four large photos, one each from “One Life,” “Jane Eyre,” and “A Ransom for Many,” as well as a recent photo of Kari and me.  It was a great deal of fun to write our story (but hard to pare it down to 1,000 words or less.)  I found that the article had a message–that you never know what you can do until you try, and large turning points in our lives often hinge on small moments.

If you live in this region, you can pick up “The Good Life” at local retailers.  If not, you might see our story show up in the archives on the website after the September issue comes out. The URL is:

I would love to see comments from anyone out there about how you started writing whatever you might write.  I think these turning points are very interesting, and they’re unique to each person.  Meanwhile, we’ll keep living the “good life” by writing our shows!


Writer’s Retreat a Great Success!

For many years we’ve been dancing around the idea for this musical, and it’s been a real struggle to solidify anything.  But lately it’s been evolving, and with some concerted effort by both of us (Kari and Rebecca) together in a mountain cabin in southern Utah, we have emerged victorious!  We now know what we’re doing and where we’re going with this.  We have our format mapped out and a preliminary outline with possible song titles completed!  We’ve been itching for a project to work on, and now that we are on our feet with this one, we are excited to dive in and write!  Still keeping it a secret for now, but I will give you the initials of the working title:  A.O.L.  (It has nothing to do with the telecommunications giant, by the way.)  Watch for updates!

Heading to Writer’s Retreat

This is Rebecca Duvall here, and I’m leaving in three days for a mountain cabin in Southern Utah.  The three people who inspire me most will be there:  my parents, Roger and Kaye Prengel, and my sister, Kari Skousen.  We’re going down a few days early for the Prengel Family Reunion, so we can have time for relaxing, brainstorming, and–hopefully–writing.  It’s our little informal Writer’s Retreat, where my sister and I hope to make some headway on our next musical.  Hint:  It has to do with liberty.  That’s all I’ll say.  We’ve been mulling it over for several years, and all we’ve got so far is the opening number (lyrics only–haven’t sought a composer yet).  We have a vague idea, but vague ideas tend to solidify when we get together, so . . . wish us luck!

I’ll be sure to post any news about this new show on this blog and on our facebook page:

Stay tuned!

Lacey Stake Production of “One Life” Beautifully Done

The writers attended the Lacey Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ production of “One Life: A Musical Story of the Prophet Joseph Smith” on Oct. 18th and 19th, 2013.  An amateur production performed by church members, most with little theatrical experience, the show was a delight.  The heart and soul which had been put into the preparations surely showed, and we were touched by the Spirit of it from the beginning to end.  The music was beautifully played by the orchestra and well sung by the cast.  Director Elizabeth Bretschneider created a lovely, moving experience for audience members, assisted by many others.  Ian Montgomery, as Joseph Smith, brought an easy-flowing realism to the role, and his vocals were a treat for the ear.  If anyone reading this is in the vicinity of Lacey, WA on Oct. 19th, 25th or 26th, he or she should make plans to attend this show.  You will learn history, you will be charmed by the lovely music and touching events, you will feel something.  The evening shows are at 7:00 p.m., and the matinee on the 26th is at 2:00 p.m.  They are performed at the Lacey Stake Center, 1602 Ruddell Rd. SE, Lacey, WA.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Invitation to “One Life” Cast

I would like to issue an invitation to the current cast of the Lacey, WA Stake production of “One Life: A Musical Story of the Prophet Joseph Smith” to write in comments or stories about your experiences while rehearsing for this show.  You can either comment on this post, or you can email me and I’ll put your comments on the blog.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, stories, etc.

More Details on Auditions

The posters are out!  And here’s what they say:

The Lacey Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ Presents

“One Life:  A Musical Story of the Prophet Joseph Smith”

Book and Lyrics by Rebecca Thompson-Duvall & Kari Skousen

Music by Rachel Mecham Goates & Brian R. Jensen

Performances will be October 12-26, 2013, 7 pm, Free Admission

June 4th, 5th 7-9pm
June 8th 9am-noon
Lacey Stake Center
1602 Ruddell Rd. SE Lacey WA 98503

Fireside for all interested May 5th at 7pm
Lacey Stake Center
Auditions will be video taped.
Please email Elizabeth Bretschneider for times.

Auditions for Lacey Stake’s production of “One Life”

Auditions for the Lacey WA Stake’s production of “One Life: A Musical Story of the Prophet Joseph Smith” will be June 4, 5, and 8th at the Lacey Stake Center. The performances will be Oct 12, 18, 19, 25, and 26th, 2013. There are plenty of roles to fill, so come on out!

Leave me a comment if you would like more info.

“He Is the Christ!”

The Musical Christmas Program presented by the Murrieta Stake is preparing invitations.  Here is the info that will be on them.

You are cordially invited to attend

“He Is the Christ!”

St. Matthew 16: 13-16

A Biblical Celebration of the Birth of Christ
Portrayed in Music, Art and Scripture

Presented by
The Murrieta Stake of

December 16th 2012
6:00 PM & 8:00 PM
24820 Las Brisas Rd.
Murrieta, CA 92562

Free to the Public—No Tickets Required

Experience the Voices of a Masterful
Local Choir and Talented Soloists
Songs Inspired by Biblical Scripture
“What Think Ye of Christ?” —St. Matthew 22:42
“Behold Thy Handmaiden”—Luke 1:38
“Glory to God”—Luke 2:10-14
“Fear Not”—Luke 12:32 & John 10:11-14
“Mary’s Lullaby”—Luke 2:16-19
“Behold Your King”—St. Matthew 2:1-8
“They Are Wise Men”—St. Matthew 2:9-10
“Gift of a King”—St. Matthew 2:11
“Hallelujah”—Revelation 11:15 & 19:6
“He Is The Christ”—St. Matthew 16:13-16
Original Lyrics by Kari Skousen & Rebecca Duvall,
Original Music Composed and Directed by Norman G. Boaz
Featuring Exquisite Depictions of Christ
by Classical and Contemporary Artists
Henrik Olrik, Bartolome Esteban Murillo, Carl Heinrich Bloch, Morgan Weistling, Warner Sallman, Simon Dewey,
Liz Lemon Swindle, Greg Olsen